Andreas Houmann

I am a Danish photographer with office in the heart of Copenhagen. In many ways, my life here in the city is the complete opposite of my childhood spent in the countryside.

These contradictions have helped to shape me both as a person and as a photographer. Through my work with some of the largest Danish fashion magazines, I meet many inspiring people who help shape my day and influence my artistic direction.

My portraits have the individual in focus, but with the same simple expressions as my fashion and natural images. I work with different portrait and art projects, and my photographic expression is constantly evolving. These projects provide ample room for my creative ideas. 

In November 2016 I won the award "Nordic Creative Talent Award" given by Adobe and Cap & Design

Exhibitions and books:

   May - July 2017 The Museum of National History, Frederiksborg Castle "Portrait Now"

   Sep - Oct 2017  The Ljungbergmuseum, Sweden "Portrait Now"

   September 2018 bookrelease "Talentet i Thy"

   Sep. - Nov 2018 Exhibition at Doverodde Købmandsgård "Talentet i Thy"

   Feb. - Mar. 2019 Exhibition at DR Byen Aarhus  "Talentet i Thy"

- Andreas Houmann

Clients: Novo Nordisk, SAS, Georg Jensen, Coloplast, Advance, Fireball, Marie Claire UK, Hello Monday, Lufthansa, Norgram, Space10, Euroman, Eurowoman, Dossier, Børsen Pleasure, Deliotte, Flying Tiger Cph, Doubleprojects, Nicolas Vahé, Hummel, IN, Elle... 

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